4. Listen to Children

Listen to the children

Children are born pure spiritual beings. They arrive from source, from light. Perhaps we could say that they are enlightened beings. They bring with them all the love and wisdom from our ancestors. If you have ever sat silently with a baby (pre-speech) you can feel this. What is it? I think it is pure spirit. It is the most fantastic experience. That is why families like to meet a new baby, why we like to hold a baby, why they are passed around because when they are passed from uncle to grandmother, they are in reality spreading the news, that they are back and they are bringing love.

Children are clairvoyant until they are three years of age. I was told this by Peter Aziz, a hereditary shaman but I know this because I experienced it. I will only write about what I know. When we read a novel or watch a film, we are able to suspend our disbeliefs (our critical faculties) and believe something surreal. Children on the other hand cannot. In the Montessori approach to learning, children should only watch animation or read fiction once their big teeth have come in because only when they are five or six years of age are they able to differentiate between make-believe and what is real. I have difficulty suspending my disbelief when I am watching a film. If I am scared or uncomfortable with the subject matter, I often have to turn down the volume or leave the room.

If children are listened to by non-judgmental parents, then there is much to be learned on both sides. Up until the age of five, if they see a green monster in telly and then see a green monster in their bedroom, both experiences are truly terrifying and no parent is going to believe that there is indeed a daemon on the ceiling if it fits with something they have just read or watched. As a parent, that’s a huge mistake to make. Listen to your children. If they are scared find out what is frightening them because it could well be a real phenomenon. Don’t indulge them but listen with an open mind. Oh really, where did you see /hear that? Is it still there? Can you still hear it? If they can, remove them from the situation or sleep in the same room.

The reason for children being able to see things that we cannot, is that they do not have auric protection as adults do. They are vulnerable. I am not trying to frighten. I am trying to wake-up people to the supernatural world. If we do not believe our children or accept that we can only see a small percent of the visual spectrum, we are choosing to live, quite literally in the dark. We need to stop pretending that because we cannot see what children and shamans see that nothing else exists. If your child is having night terrors or repetitive nightmares, either put them in a different room, stay with them, ask for help from a Chaplin or pay an exorcist. The amount of fear you invest in this can hinder you. If you are too scared to ask for help, then everyone in your family will suffer. Adults are here to protect and love. It is our role. If you are terrified, you need to take back your power by confronting whatever it is and telling them to get out of your house. To use a cliché – stand tall, take deep breaths, learn how to ground yourself, repeat the Lord ’s Prayer (or whatever is your natural inclination) or true religion. Prayer is wonderfully effective. It calms us, protects and helps to create an atmosphere of reason where before there was panic.


3. Darkness

There are two types of people, those who can’t stand being on their own and those who need time alone to walk through town or be in the garden. Capricorns for example need company, so there’s not much point spending all your money on them because they value your company. Cancerians, for example are more likely to be aware of the supernatural because they are used to their own rhythms, listening to their own thoughts and doing their own thing. When something that doesn’t fit the intrinsic routine of themselves, they are acutely aware of it. They might see a person who walks slightly differently, a face at a window, an obscure smell, an odd sound, or it could be a feeling that something is awry. My mum, for instance (a Taurean) didn’t start to experience anything supernatural until after my dad passed away and she was living on her own in a different house. The world is full of distractions and noise that we rarely hear or feel what is immediately present and therefore we are unaware of what could be influencing us.

Why did so many bad things happen to me? A yoga teacher once told me that everything was due to resonance which left me feeling utterly deflated because reasoned that, I must have crap resonance. We can look at resonance like this – if someone has a disease, there is a disturbance in the body. I have always believed that illness as psychosomatic: we get flu when we’ve just had enough of stressful work, we get a cold when we are tired. If we go beyond resonance theories we understand that illness, like our shadow self’s have something very important to tell us. My daughter taught me many things, one of which was resonance.

She showed me when I was reading the situation wrong, when I didn’t show enough patience and when I wasn’t responding to her needs. Being a parent is the hardest thing to do in the whole world and it is a vital opportunity to grow as a person. As adults, we have needs too but our needs, for a while, take a back seat.

Don’t use labels

Unless you are happy to stand by the title of shaman, witch, druid, heathen, pagan, occultist or medium and takes the blows with the praise – don’t use a label. There’s no need to put yourself into a box. We are not labels or titles, we are much bigger than that but we are also more humble. Our consciousness includes other people’s consciousness, the consciousness of our pets and plants. Why condense that precious awareness into something that can be used to hurt you. If you don’t say to yourself – I AM THIS or I am that, you are free to be a daddy one moment and a sorcerer the next, if that’s your choice. Or you are free to participate in nothing that opens the door to the occult. I have always been the type of person who draws energy towards me. By that, I mean dark energy. I am not aware of benevolence unless I am in nature or with my daughter.

2. The Problem with Fairies, Elves and Angels

The problem about fairies, elves or angels is that at some point, one has to consider the other side. Evil entities. Most people would rather not think about those things. However, to deny their existence is very dangerous and makes hypocrites of all parents who make their children believe in Father Christmas, Jack Frost or the Sleep Fairy. We bring up our children to believe in lies and then wonder why they are angry at the system that has procured them and why there are disillusioned or depressed as teenagers. Then we are upset when our children do not respect us or listen to us.

Can we all honestly say that we listened and believed our children when they were scared in the middle of the night or when they were going to sleep; when they said they felt something crawl on them or move around in their head or worse, hurt them? We must listen to our children for they are our barometers. I was not that worried or concerned about the supernatural in my life until it started to affect my daughter.

It was only then, when after doing shamanic banishing rituals, casting circles and drawing pentagrams in the air or saying the Lord’s Prayer, which did not help or improve the situation – that I became truly angry, frustrated and frightened. It was only when my daughter reached the age of about three that I swallowed my pride, admitted that I did not know everything and reached out to a Priest.

This is the second greatest misconception that I had, (the first being that I was OK, knew almost all there was to know about the supernatural and could protect myself) that someone of the cloth wouldn’t understand me.

The apprehension I felt when I approached the Priest (who fortunately was my next-door neighbour, a colleague and friend) dispelled, when I admitted defeat and asked for his help. I started by saying that, hundreds of years ago I was the sort of person whom the Church would have burnt at the stake because I had medium-ship skills. His eyes nearly popped out of his head but when I explained what was going on, he began to join the dots and was incredibly non-judgmental.

Amongst other things, I had experienced a type of (for lack of a better word) Nazi in our house. I often felt him and psychically saw him near to the downstairs bathroom. He was very arrogant, evil and mocked me when I tried to get him to go away using a powerful wand and staff for protection. Admittedly, I was suffering from lack of sleep as my daughter never slept through the night until she was three and a half years old but lack of sleep alters one’s perception. It is used as a method of torture but it also initiates visions. Not only was I doolally, I was also desperately trying to protect my daughter. The man wore a long, black leather coat, uniform, hat and seemed to come into the house from the North East.

A few days before the Priest came into my house, a letter arrived addressed to a German person. I researched the surname and freaked out. There was a notorious Nazi with this surname. I did not assume that the previous occupants to our house had been like-minded but I received this piece of information as a wake-up call. To this day, I do not know if there was even any connection between the previous occupants and the presence in our house. At the time, I did not need to know, I just wanted him gone.

Father K (I won’t give his actual name) however, knew that I was picking-up on something and he said to me that just because I was seeing things that no one else saw – that didn’t mean those things weren’t there. This was a point of personal liberation for me. To be accepted and forgiven. I had never spoken to anyone of Christian authority about my experiences for fear: Fear of being labelled a witch, fear of being persecuted, of being hated, fear of being feared.

Dressed in his clergy gear and with his book of rituals, my husband and I joined the Priest on the floor of the living room for prayer. Then he walked round the whole house, sprinkled holy water, and prayed in every room. I finally felt safe.

1. Rise Beyond Taboo

Writing the Invisible

Everyone experiences the supernatural at some point in their life.


When I was in my twenties, I had a calling to go to India. I spent all my time and money learning, reading, practising healing and alternative therapies. I received my Reiki Two degrees, Prana Healing second degree, I dipped into Kinesiology, Shamanism, mediumship, experimented with Yantras, breath, visualisation, dowsing and meditation. Then I gave sessions, which combined everything I knew: I channelled, used the Tarot, made flower remedies and used crystals.

I believed for a short while that I would write my own system of healing and became quite close to doing so but I am glad I did not because I think this would have been a disappointing path for me.

It is clear to me that we do not need systems of beliefs to understand the supernatural or to protect ourselves from energies which wish to cause harm. We need to ground ourselves and listen to our intuition.

If you are like me and have had supernatural or ghostly encounters like the ones I will describe in this blog – then I would love to hear from you! I hope that through reading this you will realise that you are not going mad, you are not alone in your experience of the supernatural and that it is OK to ask for help. In fact, if you are scared, do not wait for answers, go to your local church and ask for your home to be blessed or find an exorcist – do it now.

Here is the book that I have searched for my whole life. I hope you find it a treasure in amongst all the others. Many healers do not put everything they know into a book; they want you to do their course because the hard truth is that they need to make a living. And why shouldn’t they charge for their skill? I believe that everyone experiences something supernatural at some point in their life but they forget or are too embarrassed to tell anyone.

It is time to stop hiding and speak about things that are real and yet hidden. If we admit, there are supernatural things at work, which affect our lives, we can be clearer, live with insight and be happier. We can consciously decide what we do not want in our world and what we want to celebrate. We can ask for help when it is needed, sleep peacefully and protect our children